There was a time when a hiring manager looking to grow their team was in a pretty good position. While there has always been competition for top Materials Science candidates, in years past there were enough professionals to go around. 

Today, the battle for talent has become hyper-competitive. It is no longer enough to sell the merits of your business or compensation package. You have to sell your town and the lifestyle opportunities of your area. Here are a few ways you can help your community put its best foot forward for a candidate:

Cost of living

Especially if your business is located in a high-value area, make sure a candidate knows the elevated standard of living they might expect due to lower costs of housing, consumables and transportation. 


If you live in a low tax area, or if the candidate is coming from a high-tax area, the tax rate can have a big impact on compensation. If it is advantageous, point it out. 

Educational system

If a candidate has children, schools and educational options are probably very much on his or her mind. Most school systems offer periodicals about their schools and honors programs that might be available. Reach out to your district school administration office to see what might be available. 

Culture and recreation

You probably know something about your candidate’s interests through the recruitment process. Be sure to point out appropriate options during meetings and allow time for them to pursue their interests, connect with others of similar interests, tour a museum, or see a concert. Gather information for them, but exercise caution by not being pushy or scheduling an outing such as golf together. If can be an uncomfortable experience for both the candidate and you as the boundaries between interview and recreation are blurred.

Highlight unique food and shopping experiences

When a candidate researches a potential new home, it is common to find several “touristy” locations. People living in a community need to eat out and shop quite often, so highlight your town by recommending local favorites.

You probably have several resources that offer easy access to plenty of interesting materials on your city or region, including your chamber of commerce, arts organizations, and tourism bureau. They are eager to assist and just a phone call away. If you know a real estate agent (and who doesn’t?) they are likely to have a welcome packet already put together that they will happily provide you so long as they have a card inside. Your extra efforts will not go unnoticed by a highly sought-after candidate.

If you are looking for a Materials Science professional, ETS Tech-Ops is here to help you put your best foot forward and make a connection with the right individual at the right time. Call us for a no-obligation, informal discussion: (540) 491-9108

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