What Your Favorite Dog Breed Reveals

What Your Favorite Dog Breed Reveals

Ok, first of all, we did do a fair amount of research on this from a variety of sources including the esteemed American Kennel Club, but we don’t recommend leaving a job just because your Schnauzer told you to. Of course, we do recommend you talk to an ETS recruiter when you’re ready to fetch a new job.

It’s well-documented that the type of dog we own can say a lot about us, so what does it say about where we would like to live, work and play? Here are a what a few popular breeds might indicate:  

Labrador Retriever

The most popular breed in America, labs are intelligent, gentle, playful and make wonderful family pets, as well as working dogs. If you are a Labrador lover, chances are you would be happiest in a close-knit work environment with minimal drama and stress. While you have the talent and intellect to rise to a challenge, you tend to prefer to share the credit with your team. You are loyal and open, and function best in workplaces with a friendly environment. 

German Shepherd

Like the strong and focused breed, you value punctuality and dependability. You are tenacious and not afraid to put in the extra hours to get the job done. While you are always ready to take the lead, you prefer work environments with structure and process.

Golden Retriever

Your nature is to nurture. While you are accomplished, you may find a career position that allows you to help the less fortunate to be a priority over maximizing income. You are reliable and approachable and people tend to come to you when they have problems. And you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

French Bulldog

No structure, no problem. You’re easy-going with an ability to adapt to whatever life throws at you. Curious and open-minded, your flexibility in no way implies sloppiness. Your attention to detail is keen and you can find ways to transform the chaos into structure without ruffling feathers. 


You may leave a gruff first impression, but you’re chatty and always ready to make a friend.  You tend to get along well in work environments with a close culture and excel at making fellow coworkers feel comfortable and at home. 


Beagle owners tend to be curious. You adapt quickly to changes in the workplace and to new technology. You are always looking for a better way to do your job and will likely be happiest in a fast-paced workplace with constant new challenges. 


You are stylish and elegant, but also possess an intelligence and appreciation for culture. While your tastes are sophisticated, you often have a real joy and exuberance that surrounds you. You might tend to like neat, refined work spaces. 


A trait both the breed and their owners often exhibit is their determination and intensity. You are a natural protector and tend to be loyal and devoted to friends and loved ones.  You will likely thrive in work environments that value your strength and guidance. 

German Shorthaired Pointer

You have a motor that just won’t quit. You excel in busy environments and tend to push long after many of your colleagues call it a day. It’s probably important for you to be part of a busy workplace, but watch out for life balance and burnout. 

Yorkshire Terriers

You’re likely fun-loving and social. Terrier owners of all types tend to be able to focus on a task, even during times of chaos. You tend to be feisty and brave, but always show a good sense of humor. 


Pug owners are often seen alternately as determined (a good trait) or stubborn (often a detrimental trait). You get the job done and you like to have it done your way. Fortunately, your charm and good nature keep you from being seen as overbearing. 


While this is all in good fun, it’s an interesting way to think about future employment and the kind of environment you want to seek. Your ETS recruiter focuses on you and your career ambitions as well as personal preferences. Feel free to reach out to your recruiter if you’re interested in finding a forever home for your career.


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