interview clothes

You’ve got the resume polished, the phone interviews have been conducted, and it’s time for your first face-to-face interview. While even the best dress or the sharpest fitted suit will not ensure success, it will put you at greater ease in the meeting. Plus, a neat, groomed appearance sets a positive tone for the interview. 

If you are traveling, dress comfortably and make a plan to change before the interview. Pack a change of clothes in a garment bag you take in the main cabin with you just in case your luggage gets lost. Check with your airline on its baggage policies. 


Business casual (a dress shirt, slacks, and a jacket with tie optional) is generally acceptable for the less formal portions of your visit; however, you should pack a suit should the need arise. If you prefer a suit, that is a perfectly acceptable option. 

Suits and attire should be dark colors. While you can add a splash of color with a tie or shirt, stay on the conservative side. As a rule, wear no jewelry with the exception of a wedding ring, class ring, or watch. 

Pay special attention to your shoes, making sure they are freshly polished. 

Whether you wear your suit regularly or sporadically, get it out and try it on a couple of days before your trip, inspecting it for cleanliness and fit. You’ll have time to make arrangements for a cleaning if it needs it. 


Wear properly fitted business attire with conservative cuts. While the color pallet for women is fairly open, stick to the conservative side. Slacks, a skirt, or even a dress are acceptable options, depending on your preference. 

Shoes should be closed-toe with a modest heel (no more than three inches). When it comes to jewelry and accessories, err to the conservative side. 


When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask your recruiting contact for job interview advice. This is just one of the many reasons it pays to work with ETS. We take care of your questions, find opportunities that match your career goals, and get you prepared for a better future.

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