time for change

At some point, virtually every Materials Science professional finds themselves wondering if it’s time to seek greener professional pastures. Setting aside the justifiable trigger issues such as a toxic workplace or becoming aware that your employer is doing something illegal or unethical, here are a few good reasons you should consider a change:

1)    You have no path to professional growth. 

Sometimes a position that is otherwise a perfectly good fit may simply not align with your long-term ambitions.

2)    You have gained all the new skills you can at your current position.  

Most early-career positions are taken with a goal of honing a skill, establishing a professional record, or simply putting a dent in those student loans. Ask yourself, have you accomplished what you wanted to in your current position? Are you continuing to develop professionally? 

3)    Compensation growth is flat. 

If you’ve been with a company for a while but have experienced flat growth, it could signal one of three things:

  • There is no growth in the business.
  • The business may be happy with you in your current position but has no investment in you
  • You haven’t asked for a raise. Do so. It will give you clarity in where you stand.

4)    There are changing factors around you. 

It is natural for company cultures to change over time. There are occasions when it may not suit your work or communication style. 

5)    There are changes in your lifestyle and priorities. 

Maybe you took your current position as a footloose single because you liked the lively nightlife and skiing. Now you’re married and looking for a place to settle down with good schools. 


It is always important to examine your motivations in seeking changes in your professional path, but if it’s your time to shine, contact ETS Tech-Ops. We are in touch with businesses across the nation every day and may already know of a perfect position for you!

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