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Every job has its good days and bad, but what are the signs you need to be polishing up your resume? At ETS, we work with Materials Science businesses and professionals every day, and these are the things they tell us are the telltale signs that you need to be looking for. 

There is a noticeable change in the cadence of your workday for a sustained period

While the industry readjusts and begins to bounce back from the COVID-19 crisis, demand will naturally take some time to ramp back up to normal. If business remains slow after isolation restrictions have been lifted, however, it could be a reason for concern. How was business for your employer prior to the COVID-19 outbreak? Is the company’s number of active clients shrinking and has been for a while? Or is your production volume in the process of cranking up to a fever pitch with no signs of slowing down? While there are multiple variables that can affect demand, the numbers can represent underlying fundamental problems in managing the business that should be monitored regularly.

You feel as if you are not valued 

It is natural to feel underappreciated. Sometimes it can be a situation where you have proven to be so dependable and essential that you are taken for granted. While this doesn’t feel good, it is not necessarily true that you are not valued. If you are continually passed over for raises and increased responsibility, and if your ideas are not heard, it can be a sign that you aren’t in the company’s long-term plans.

You or others on staff frequently do not have enough work to stay busy

If every day is an exercise in trying to fill the time with something productive, you should be considering a better fit for your abilities.

Checks, benefits, or other compensation is regularly late 

While this seldom happens with payroll, if it takes an extended period to get reimbursements or if you notice vendors regularly inquiring about late payments, a significant problem could be brewing. 

Your staff shrinks and your job responsibilities continually change 

Cutting staff is a common way to cope with problems in cash flow. This can have the unwelcome effect of increasing your job responsibilities while giving you fewer resources to support your efforts.

You no longer feel challenged

You’re bored and going through the motions. Your employer is satisfied with your work and its position in the market. It’s a classic case of mismatched professional libidos. 

You have irreconcilable differences with management

Anything from business practices to personality clashes can make it impossible for you to enjoy your work. If you are having regular issues at your job that bleed over into your peace of mind outside the office, it’s time to look for a better option. 

Remember, the decision to move to another position often has little to do with whether you like the business or community. It is a simple matter of if the company is a place you can continue to grow professionally. If it’s time to go, it’s time to call ETS. We may have a great opportunity for you!

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