We’ll be the first to admit it’s currently a hot employment market, with demand for qualified candidates at unprecedented levels all across the country. If you’re a Material Science professional looking for a new opportunity, you can quite likely find a job without the help of one of our recruiters. But the overheated employment market is one of the best reasons to have a recruiter from ETS assist you. 

Here are a few reasons to consider working with an experienced recruiter given the current employment market conditions:

1) There’s no cost to the candidate.

The hiring company pays all placement costs, so there is no downside to using ETS to assist in your career search. 

2) We know about positions you will never find.

We talk with hundreds of businesses every day. We often learn about openings that have not yet been advertised and aren’t visible online. 

3) We are genuinely interested in you.

Would you like to move closer to family in Roy, Utah? Are you a mountain bike enthusiast or need a place to keep your horse? Looking to start a family? Want to step your career down near the beach? We take the time to get to know you and never waste your time with positions that don’t seem like a fit. 

4) We can offer an inside perspective.

We talk to the decision-makers in businesses and have a good idea of the strengths the opportunity presents, many of which aren’t public knowledge.

5) We can help in ways beyond the job search.

We have placed hundreds of Material Science professionals over the years. We can offer assistance in ways that transcend the job opening. We understand the excitement of finding a new position and the tension of leaving the familiar. We are here to help you every step of the way. 


At ETS, we work with you to identify and differentiate the best job opportunities with your preferences in mind. Our recruiters work on your behalf competently and confidentially with the backup of a support team and decades of specialized recruiting expertise.

If you’re ready for what’s next, we’re ready to help!

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