As a recruiting firm specializing in the recruitment of Material Science professionals, we know a thing or two when it comes to growing your business. In short, we’ve observed that businesses generate the most growth and success when they stick to one simple rule in regards to hiring: It is always better to hire too early than too late.

The problem with waiting until the need is profoundly apparent is that business owners will often hire from a position of desperation, which is a situation that can lead to bad hires, false starts, lost revenue, wasted time, and missed opportunities.

As such, here are a few tips to get your business prepped to grow:

1) Identify specific growth  goals and understand your company’s long and short-term needs.

What are your projected sales or production goals for this year? What about next year? Do you need someone with a new and specific skillset, or a new hire who will simply support continued growth utilizing existing processes? Understand the position you want to fill. You don’t need to know who you will hire, but you should know what role you wish to fill and the objective you’re working toward. 

2) Always keep updated job descriptions for everyone in your organization. 

Replacing a solid team member is never easy, but it greatly simplifies the hiring process to replace them if you already have an updated job description in-hand when they submit their two week’s notice. Make an effort to keep an updated copy of each team member’s job description on file and revise annually as duties, responsibilities, and the business’s needs change.

3) Think two or more hires down the road. 

Sticky contracts, moving logistics, and unforeseeable delays are just a few of the many obstacles Material Science candidates have to overcome when making the switch to a new company. Identifying the right candidate for your business early on and starting the hiring process six months to a year out from when you actually need them is the best way to ensure you can choose the candidate you want and not simply the first one who is available.

4) Stay in touch with promising Material Science professionals you meet. 

Networking isn’t just for candidates, but employers as well. As you come into contact with promising Material Science professionals, exchange contact information and connect with them on LinkedIn. That way, when you do have an opportunity available, you’ll already have a list of potential candidates at your disposal. Even if they aren’t able to pursue the opportunity themselves, they may know of someone else who is looking.

5) Begin the hiring process before things get uncomfortable.

If your current team is constantly having to work beyond capacity or is struggling to keep up with demand, it’s probably time to start hiring.

6) Always have a plan to present your business and community in the best possible light to a candidate. 

Take note of local attractions, iconic restaurants, and recreational areas that highlight the positive qualities of your area. Remember, you’re not just trying to sell the candidate on the opportunity, but the lifestyle that will come along with living in the area as well.


At ETS Tech-Ops, we are working on your talent pipeline every day. We talk to candidates who are exploring options, interested in relocating, and looking for a brighter future. Get to know us by giving one of our recruiters a call. 

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