We help build businesses and enhance careers.

We support businesses and professionals who excel with the challenges of Materials Science Research, Engineering, Product & Process Development.

We focus our expertise, time and resources on a highly select group of clients whose success is dependent upon successful, innovative research, product, and process development professionals. This focus allows us to serve our clients better than any other recruiting resource.

Expertise areas include: Metals / Alloys, Ceramic, Glass, Organic / Polymers, Non-Wovens, Composites, Thin-Film, Characterization Equipment

Roles include: Product Development Engineers, Process Engineers, Research Scientists

This also includes: Program, Product, Project Engineers, Managers, and Executive Staff who have worked through the Scientist and Engineering ranks to Team Leadership roles.

Placement Data:

By Education:

  • 40% PhD with significant industry experience
  • 40% BS/MS Engineering
  • 20% with Engineering Degree and MBA

By Career Experience:

  • 10% Executive Staff
  • 80% Mid to Sr Level Professionals
  • 10% Early Career (

We can broaden your recruiting bandwidth by helping you define the key background and experience characteristics that you are looking for – Past Results, Personality, Experience, Education and Language Skills – resulting in a fine-tuned pool of professionals for your review. We are committed to work with both client and candidate to facilitate a successful future for all involved.