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Asheville, NC

Process Technology Development Engineer opportunity. Utilize your knowledge of polymer extrusion (fiber) & nonwovens engineering solutions (materials and equipment) along with your interest in growing your career in a process development position. Work directly with Suppliers, Manufacturing, and Project Managers to support and drive customer product requirements throughout the organization.

Process Technology Development Engineer:
• Main responsibilities (about 70%) New Process Technology Development AND Process Improvement/Control (about 30%)
• Couple your experience with polymer extrusion (fiber) engineering processes with an innovation mindset for implementation and improvement of nonwoven polymer materials for specific customer applications.
• This role is focused on process scale-up a new product from R&D Bench capability to Manufacturing capability. Challenges include capability projects (new equipment), polymer sources/materials assessments, mechanical handling, heat transfer, etc.
• A key portion of the process development cycle – from conception, design, development, tooling, prototype, test, and roll-out. Keeping the open lines of communication between Customers, Marketing, Suppliers, Equipment (Capital) and Manufacturing.
• Utilization of applied statistical principles and problem-solving techniques
• Utilization of Project Management skills to work effectively independently across the organization

Good fit Experience:
• 3-6 years industry experience – with materials/challenges such as Polymers, Extrusion, Nonwovens, Melt Spinning, Web Conveyance

• BS Material Science, Polymer Engineering, Textile Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or similar

• early career will be considered for MS Degrees with hands-on industrial research or co-op experience in Nonwoven materials and processes

Language Skills:
• English

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