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Ann Arbor, MI

Laser Scientist/Engineer

A hands-on, industrial scientist opportunity, this “Laser Scientist/Engineer” is responsible for the research and development, process development, equipment development and product development related to the utilization of lasers for localized welding of ceramic sealing glasses to glass substrates, metal substrates or other ceramic sealing glasses.  Utilize your knowledge and skills to support the fail fast product development methodology for streamlined development of this laser sealing process to help accomplish final product development.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Build the necessary laboratory infrastructure – material, process and equipment capabilities – for substrate or unit pre-heating, laser processing and substrate or unit cooling.
  • Help specify, source, install and operationalize laser and anciallary equipment required for small format research and the 14” x 20” rapid prototyping line to select laser type(s), operating parameters and process conditions.
  • Develop laser processing material/component, process and equipment requirements and specifications that align with product requirements.
  • Lead science efforts for critical laser applications: laser welding of ceramic sealing glasses to glass substrates, metal substrates or other ceramic sealing glasses through ceramic or metal material optimization for use with lasers, pre-heating with alternative heating methods to accelerate laser welding speeds and cooling to minimize residual and transient stress in ceramic materials.
  • Build experimental setups by integrating components such as laser heads, moving stages or gantrys, and necessary software controlers.
  • Participate in advance technology efforts in collaboration with the complete product development team
  • Develop analytical test methods, procedures, and metrology infrastructure to support in collaboration with the Test and Analytics Manager.
  • Collaborate with external, third-party test labs for material characterization and analytics to accelerate learning and troubleshoot issues quickly
  • Help build and manage a third-party Ecosystem to accelerate development activities: raw material suppliers, equipment suppliers, process or service providers, universities, and third party analytical and characterization companies.
  • Responsible for ensuring the laser materials, process and equipment satisfy the cost of goods sold (COGS) targets, manufacturing cycle time, uptime and yield and output per hour so the company reaches is COGS targets.

Position Requirements:

  • > 5-years experience in the product design, development, and launch of products requiring the use of lasers for welding or joining of multiple materials.
  • > 2-years experience in use of lasers for weldng ceramic frit sealing glasses to glass substrates, metal substrates or other sealng glasses is highly desirable.
  • Thorough knowledge of material characterization techniques for evaluation of laser processing of materials or components.
  • Working experience in laser processing optimizing wavelength, power, spot size, pulse rate, etc. to control stress, adhesion, surface roughness, material compatibility, etc.
  • Proven ability to apply statistical methods (DOE, SPC, etc.) to product development efforts
  • Failure analysis using analytical techniques such as SEM, XRD, GCMS, XPS, TOF-SIMs, XRF, Ellipsometry and Spectrophotometry.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and manage science based projects.
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to communicate at all levels of the organization and with suppliers and customers on a global basis
  • Ability to partner with R&D, process scaling and manufacturing to launch new products.
  • The desire to accomplish something new – improve upon existing product, process, and be a key contributor to the scale-up process.


  • MS or PhD Laser Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Optics and Photonics or Non-linear Optics, Materials Science, or similar.
  • or BS degree with industry experience that can support the requirements for this role

How to Apply:

-Apply online or contact Nola Pearce directly: