I have worked in the Automotive industry for the past 20 plus years. I have entrusted my career to several recruiters along the journey and this is what prompted me to comment on my latest experience. It was such a great pleasure to work with Ms. Nola Pearce with ETS Tech-Ops. The professionalism and personalization in which my transition was handled was greatly appreciated. Nola took the time to learn my wants and needs in a position then tailored her search to my criteria. After the interview process, she received an employment offer for me, then took the time to revisit this priority list and ensure the fit was as good for me. This type of personal service and attention to detail is rare. My placement handled by ETS Tech-Ops was second to none and should the need arise to consider a relocation or advancement in my career, ETS Tech-Ops will be my first call. I am always willing to help a colleague better themselves. By recommending the ETS Tech-Ops Team, I am confident that you are taking a step in right direction.

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